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What is fzami?
fzami is a plugin for the Firefox browser that adds todays prayer times to the status bar so you always know when to pray. Take a look at some screenshots.

How does fzami know where i live?
You can set preferences (Tools|Options..|fzami in Firefox) for the plugin and specify your US or Canadian zip code. If you do not live in the US or Canada, you can try to enter your city, state and country name, but there are no guarantees that it'll find prayer times for you.

How does fzami know when to pray?
Based on the prayer calculation settings you provide (Tools|Options..|fzami in Firefox), fzami asks for your prayer times. All of the calculations are made by, so i make no warranties for their accuracy, but i do encourage you to support them by visiting their site.

It's not going to screw up my browser, is it?
i hope not. fzami is very discreet and sits in your status bar at the bottom of the browser, so it doesn't get in your way. If you suspect it's causing problems for you or just don't want it anyway, it is very easy to uninstall. Just go to Tools|Extensions|fzami|Uninstall in your Firefox menu. If you do experience any problems with it, please leave a comment or send something to the mailing list so i can try to fix it.

Suh-weet! Where can i get it?
You can download the plugin here.

Attention MAC users!

As a few of the comments below suggest, there is some trouble with the fzami options window on Macs. This is a bug in Firefox (, but luckily one that has a simple workaround. The Fzami options window will display properly if you change your browser.preferences.animateFadeIn option to false.

You can do this by typing 'about:config' in your Firefox address bar, locating the 'browser.preference.animateFadeIn' property, and then setting the value to false. According to Mozilla, this should be fixed in Firefox 3.


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The fzami project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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